What happens in class?


We start class off with a few formalities such as bowing in and welcoming new students.

Junan Taiso

Is what we call warming up, strengthening, stretching, etc. Sometimes we perform kata (forms) to warm up, sometimes we roll around the mats or do push-ups, etc.

Junan Taiso is meant to get your body ready for class, which includes working with partners doing locks, throws, and more, so you want to be limber.


We usually do some type of “form” during class in order to study basic movements without the confusion of working with a partner.


Body changing arts, usually including Ukemi. (injury prevention) We spend about 15 minutes on rolls, breakfalls, and escape techniques before moving on to…


Or working on pre-known forms with a partner. Students work these waza in order to understand foundational movements and balance. Though Waza would hardly ever be used in a real fight, the purpose is to teach students the “feeling” of what would work.


We often move from Waza to Henka (variations) where students get to experiment and see how much they learned. The attack may alter or we may add more components to the attack and practice adapting to those changes. We may also go on to use…


Wood knives, rubber guns, sticks, wooden swords… All used to include realistic self-defense distance, timing and awareness in to our training.


We close similarly to how we began, with a bow of respect to the dojo and one-another.


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