Making a Kusari Fundo Training Tool

Posted: January 11, 2016 in Training Topics, Uncategorized

Metal Kusari Fundo (photo from web)

Hi all,

Since one of the themes of our Dojo this year is flexible weapons I’d like you all to make a training tool. I’m looking at purchasing

to cut up into smaller chunks. It will probably cost you $3 each to make one using this material, or you can use any old rope, but the thought is this thicker rope will be easier on your skin and limbs for doing strikes and throws during training.

11_kusari fundo bujinkan sml

Rope/soft Kusari Fundo for training. (photo from web)

Feel free to comment on whether you would like to get in on this purchase. I will update this post as we go and figure out the best ways to configure the tools.


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