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Posted: January 4, 2016 in New Years Letter and Theme, Uncategorized
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Greetings BUYU,

Another year has gone by and hopefully it was a fruitful one for you. Remember that as martial artists, the struggle and pain is what will temper your growth. So here’s to last year, both for it’s ups and it’s downs.

You may remember that part of our theme for 2015 was to push ourselves to go “outwards” and expand. Perhaps this expansion pertained to your knowledge of this or other martial arts. Maybe you had some personal issues to take care of. For our class this meant that it was the year to commit to and start classes for young folks.

And it happened! Since this summer Jonas and I have been developing and teaching the Shinobi Warriors (ages 11-15) class. Now since we have more interest from the younger crowd you will see the “Junior Ninjas” class start this new year, for ages 6-10.

For me personally it was a very fun and encouraging year. Summer season at Lost Creek was great, with good staff and LOTS of guests coming through. I also got to paddle the Grand Canyon again for almost a month, worked a little, played a little more, and ended up healthy at the end of it all. I hope next year will be as rewarding.

So what’s coming up for 2016 in Budo? As you know many folks in our area have trouble with their health. Martial arts are here to help us live better lives. What is more important than being healthy in body and mind? Why don’t more people get involved with martial arts practice? I want to continue working on the “expanding ourselves” concept by showing the local adult community the merits of martial arts practice. From discipline, to physical fitness, to better awareness of your surroundings, what the martial arts have to give. I know some of us have been telling others about class, inviting them to come and try (If I had a nickel for everyone who said they were interested…) Instead, I think we need to show them. This showing could take on various forms. For each of you I hope you will take it to heart to demonstrate what being a protector is to others even more this year. As a group I would like to do a few public demonstrations. This should be fun too!

Also along the lines of this training theme I am inspired AND a bit intimidated at the prospect of diving into flexible weapons practice. This means use of ropes and weighted chains as well weapons that have these attached. Why? besides the Ninja-ness of these types of unusual tools, (unexpected and hidden) they are the most unpredictable to use.

Kusari Fundo

Kyoketsu Shoge


Having a weapon that is “flexible” can seem chaotic for this user. Learning to control these tools and use them to our advantage will be a goal.

I would also like to introduce Fudō Myō-ō http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/fudo.html who uses a rope to bind “demons”. You will also notice his sword. Word is the theme of training in Japan this year will be Katana.

So with both sword in one hand and rope in the other, perhaps we can cut through our ignorance and control our demons. Sounds good!

Also interesting to note and applicable to what we will be doing, this is the year of the fire monkey. My teacher Jack explains it a bit in his new years message. http://www.livingvalues.com/theme2016.html

I highly recommend you read it and his other articles on that website.

That should do it for now. Happy 2016 and Keep Going!



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